Ballet Moderno y Folklórico

It was founded at the request of the Dirección General de Bellas Artes, by Government Agreement of October 1, l964, attached to the Department of Dance, with the approval and support of the Ministry of Education. It depends on the Ministry of Culture and Sports and its main objectives are: to inform the population extreme cultural density that owns and disseminate and promote music, traditional dance, and the practice and dissemination of modern dance. In their presentations they dominate the popular arts and tradition is kept alive. The Ballet has made a great effort to gather all its ethnographic wealth. In their work music specialists and historians have assisted them. In his choreographies all the flavor and fidelity to the past is collected. This mission of artistic creation has been strengthened by the quality of artistic diffusion that takes in all presentations. Extensive international experience has made the Modern and Folkloric Ballet of Guatemala during its 40 years of existence, and they are many and varied public who have beaten palms, and countless art critics who have expressed their commendable views on this set Guatemalan its dance.