Efraín Recinos A Guatemalan contemporary architect, muralist, urbanist, painter and sculptor born May 15, 1928 in Quetzaltengango, Guatemala, passed away on October 2, 2011. He did not attend school at an early age, because his father believed that other children could be a bad influence to him. Due to his job, his father moved the family in many occasions, which allowed Efraín to make great friends with nothing else but pencils, and, in better times, crayons. Efraín, at an early age of 5, began his art, when he would draw terrible monsters, wars, soldiers and great battles. As the years passed, the figures became beautiful ladies, portraits and heroes. His drawing was self-taught, full of details and colors; he applied with great dominance and common sense, the free use of perspective. His strokes were always far from his father influence. He learned to read and write with great ease at 7 years old. He also began to play the Marimba, violin and mandolin at his home, with his sisters Clemencia and Ana María, and his father. At the age of 9 he begins to make oleo landscapes. Later, at age 13, he exceeded his classmates of fourth grade in the Escuela Costa Rica, in Quetzaltenango. And given that he had read the Don Quijote de la Mancha twice, in his games, he used the cervantino (which refers to Cervantes), which caused that he was referred to as mad. His father signed him up in the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas (National School of Fine Arts), so that he could study drawing and sculpture. Contrary to his experience in school, here he was the youngest of his classmates, all adults, reason why he always received harsh criticism from his teachers, who yelled at him and destroyed his labor. This caused him a lot of frustration. Being a teenager, between 1946 and 1950, he made portraits to the women he was in love with, his declaration of love was to make the portrait and deliver it to the woman of his dreams, but it was then when the love vanished, until he met Elsa, the beautiful young woman, who he fell in love with and married years later. To be able to buy drawing materials, he made crayon portraits of heroes, comics and political characters, which he would sell on the streets and among his classmates. When he completed his high school education he made his first exhibit of pastel drawings, which ended with a drawing of an atomic bomb.  

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