Giacomo Buonafina

(Guatemala, May 12, 1966) is an actor, director and engineer in Guatemalan sound (Publinews, 2013). Buonafina studied acting since he was 17 years old as a member of the theater group of Colegio Americano. He also studied Sound in the United States. He began his career with the play “La historia del zoológico” (Publinews, 2013). He has performed in Guatemalan movies such as Donde Acaban los Caminos -2002-Las Cruces, Poblado próximo -2006-, Cápsulas -2011 and La Vaca -2011-, among others (IMDb, s.f.). Buonafina has been a producer of the Concert Marimba of Bellas Artes, Marimba Kaibil Balam, Marimba Sonora Quetzal, Marimba Antigua, David de Gandarias, Alux Nahual, Bohemia Suburbana, Extinción, Inconsciente Colectivo, Adrenalina, Juan Carlos Ureña, Oveja Negra, Azul Revólver, Radio Viejo, Ranferí Aguilar, La Tona, Viernes Verde, Fábulas Aticas, Libertad de Expresión, El concierto y Alvaro Aguilar, among others. (Hacer cine en Guatemala, 2014). The engineer also has worked as a theater teacher, under the direction of Luiz Tuchán. In 2002 he starred in the feature film Donde Acaban los Caminos. In 2003 he traveled to Mexico to work with Nerio Barbieris and Lena Esquenazi, two of the most important designers of soundtracks in Latin America. (Hacer cine en Guatemala, 2014).