Jayro Bustamante Director, scriptwriter, and Guatemalan producer, born in 1977 in Guatemala, Bustamante, son of a doctor, lived until the age of 14 in the highlands of Guatemala. He studied Communications at the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. After that, he worked for the International agency of Ogilvy & Mather as head of advertisement. Later he studied Directing at the Free Conservatory du Cinéma Français du Paris, and writer at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografía de Roma. In 2009 Bustamente founded with Marina Peralta the producer La Casa de Producción in Panajachel, Guatemala, that produced before most of his movies. In the first place he earned international attention mainly for his short move of Cuando el mar grande (When I get older), among others. In the year 2015 Bustamante was represented with his latest movie Ixcanul at the 65th Berlinale. He is the first Guatemalan director that was invited to the competition of the Berlinale. Ixcanul was, during the Berlinale, the “movie that opens new perspectives”, with the Alfred Bauer prize granted. Furthermore, the movie received a nomination for the Amnesty Movie Award in the Berlinale.