Lester Godínez

Buy Herbal Xanax The master Lester Homero Godínez was born in Taxisco. He has studied and researched everything about the origins of our Marimba. He was born in a family of musicians. His maternal grandfather integrated the ensemble of Los Orantes and played the guitar, marimba and violin. He remembers fondly when, at the age of 10, his father gave him a marimba. “It was love at first sight, we made click immediately. At 16 I was already playing with four drumsticks”. On May 10, 1970 sets an unforgettable date in his life: his first public performance using a music instrument. “They wanted us to entertain the Mother’s Day party, but I roundly refused. I said that we wanted to be the center of the program and not only the music of the party”, he explains. It was then when his struggle to dignify the instrument and marimba player emerged. An honest person, hardworking and restless advocate of our marimba. The master Lester Godínez has taken the marimba music to countries like England, Russia and France. He has dedicated himself to the anthropological and musical study of the marimba. He has published three books, and soon it will be published an edition where he will approach everything regarding the instrument, from which he expects to see a museum, and the institute has powered it, but the fact that his construction which began in 2005, he has not yet seen completed the work inside the Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias. “The Marimba has been everything in my life. My north and my main objective.”