Luis Carlos

Born in 1952, Luis Carlos enjoyed a good childhood and teenage years, at the home of a prosper family dedicated to the agriculture, with the perspective, given the moment, dedicate completely to the management of the family properties. When his youth began to flourish, however, he discovered by chance, at the shop of a friend, his innate skill to shape tridimensional forms. It was an experience so shocking and decisive that after a while he liquidated his businesses and moved with his wife and two daughters, to Mexico City to study at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes (National School of Fine Arts), fine institution in which, at it’s best moments, it had formed the greatest artists of Mexico. During the 13 years he lived in Mexico, Luis Carlos submerged in the rich cultural life of that country, always agitated by exhibits and international concerts of first class, visiting galleries and museums, theaters, libraries and film libraries that opened to the artistic demonstrations from all the world. Therefore, when he came back to Guatemala in 1981 he was very impressed with the local artistic environment that was characterized by a narrow and provincial nationalism, which was far from the artistic and intellectual movements that enriched the art and universal culture of the XX century.