Luis González Palma

He was born in Guatemala in 1957 but lives and works in Córdoba, Argentina. González Palma was raised in Guatemala, where he studied architecture and cinematography at the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. He is recognized as one of the most important photographers of Latin America. He acquired his first photographic camera in 1984, which woke in up, profoundly, his enthusiasm to see the results. Since then he focused on learning how to manipulate photographs to have an outstanding result and be able to capture the reality of the Guatemalan; at the same time, he made possible that his photographs resemble artistic paintings. In his work you can see the soul and suffering and also describe the experiences of the native Guatemalan population. Palma photographs speak by themselves about the suffering, pain and joy of the people he portraits in them; they are not only photographs: you can tell they are images that capture the people’s culture.