Mendel Samayoa A Guatemalan in the eighties, still being very young, he founded and directed a company of direction and production of art for filming which had an unexpected success and a lot of prestige in the advertisement level, “AC&B Visual Effects” it was an experience that caught Mendel in the world of movies while he was completing his Architecture major. At the beginning of the nineties, a Chilean crew hired him as art director for a shoot in Tikal, both the director and the foreign producer recognized cinematographic skills in the Guatemalan and a few months later he traveled invited to Santiago de Chile, where he remained for almost ten years, until the turn of the century. Assistant Director, Art Director, Professor of Film and finally freelance director, he learns of South American cinema discipline and rigor of a real industry, the technology of a country well stocked and the art of screenwriting marking future profile in the media. Founding member of the board of AGACine (Guatemalan Association audiovisual) of the Guatemalan, national delegate of the Minister of Culture for the Ibero-American Conference of cinematographic authorities IBERMEDIA and CAACI and founder of CGCG (club screenwriters of Guatemala). He is also a university professor, lecturer, director, screenwriter and artist. He remains in his country contributing his films and forming people. Artificer and active participant in the gradual and slow emergence of the new Guatemalan film industry.