Rafael Lanuza

Buy Diazepam Philippines Rafael Lanuza Martínez was born in Guatemala City in 1933. When he was a student of the Escuela de Salvador Abularach, the made his first short movie in 1952, entitled Una Corona para mi Madre (first with direct sound in Central America). Self-taught, as many Guatemalan film makers of his time, he majored in the film technique while performing short commercials. In the seventies, he resumed making fiction films with Mexican producer Agrasánchez, under the auspices of Pelmex. They made three films: Superzan and child space (1971), Triumph of the vigilantes champions (1972) and The mansion of the seven mummies (1973). He also made The Christ of Miracles (1971); Earthquake in Guatemala (1976), originally conceived as a documentary about the natural phenomenon that hit the country this year; Candelaria (1977), which addresses the issue of migration from the countryside to the city; and the documentary Angels Chinautla (1977) on the goldsmith said near the city of Guatemala people. His cinematography, very close to the Mexican with whom he worked closely, is considered a cornerstone of the effort to consolidate a film industry in Central America.

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