Seis Arquitectos, S. A.

Formed in the year 1997, the company Seis Arquitectos, S. A., is composed six professionals whose personal and individual paths have left meaningful prints in the Guatemalan architecture as well as in Central America. Having started as three independent firms, Minondo & Giesemann, Solares y Lara y Tinoco y Porras, the new company is enriched by experience and creativity of each one of their associates who, united by a friendship that begins years ago, bring collectively in the search of better architectonical solutions. Their compromise with the environment focuses in the concept of the use of efficient energy and generate sustainable architecture. Seis Arquitectos, S. A., since its legal formation in the year 1998 has used its combined experience on teamwork, without looking for personal brilliance, a serious commitment to excellence that has led it to be a highly competitive, dynamic, flexible and visionary company.