iMarimba is a movement led by the Guatemalan Ministry of Culture and Sports with the support of national culture representatives. It was created to promote Guatemalan culture around the world. The iPhones default ringtone is named Marimba, which also happens to be Guatemala’s national instrument and a symbol of its heritage and culture, iMarimba was created as a movement to ask Apple to change the name of the ringtone. Join the petition so that Apple renames their ringtone ¨Marimba¨ to ¨Marimba of Guatemala¨.
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7449 petitions
7449 petitions
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  Guatemalan Culture
In this section you can find out more about the life and work of different personalities of Guatemalan culture.

National Marimba Institute

Buy Liquid Xanax It’s first stone was placed on July 31, 2005, during the Government of the former President, Oscar Berger. The building, with architectonic design from Efraín Recinos, after 11 years of having started its edification, it remains unfinished. Its goal is the education focused to interpret the national Guatemalan instrument. Its functions include the rescue and research of the demonstrations of the origin and present of the Marimba.

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